Our Yurts

You’ve never seen a yurt like this.
Meet Yurta
the finest yurt made in Canada.
Yurta is a unique all-season shelter that is:
Strong yet Portable
Natural and Non-Toxic
Yurta is a contemporary adaptation of traditional Mongolian yurts, and an original design rooted in its nomadic heritage.
We build comfortable and inspiring living spaces in the best of tent-making tradition.

Yurta is a functional shelter that deploys in about two hours without turning a screw or hammering a nail. Designed and made for extreme climates, Yurta is weatherproof out-of-the box, and tested to carry extreme wind and snow loads.

We accept no compromises with respect to materials and production. We aim to make the very best in yurts anywhere. Yurta is the super duty tent you will own for a lifetime.

No knots are present in our clear white ash frames. Our yurts are always made of custom-milled clear hardwood. Known for its density and flexibility, white ash is hand-selected, shaped and assembled into a very strong structure that is a work of art on its own.

Our insulation is made exclusively for us and combines the thermal benefits of 100% real wool felt with the radiant performance of a reflective layer. Our felt is needled to a specific thickness and density, providing a warm and even finish for your space.

Outer covers are sewn together from scratch in our shop according to our own design. Tolerances for sewing are incredibly tight and we work well outside of industry standards on our sewing machines in order to achieve what we do. The covers are sealed by hand for water resistance. We use a fabric that can be coated with the correct paint to extend its lifespan.

All yurts include three large, multifunctional windows that are nearly 4’x4’. Each window includes a hard edged awning that doubles as a storm flap, a cold weather insert made of Lexan and built-in insulation (when selected). Additional windows can be placed as desired around the yurt creating a gorgeous panorama of the surrounding landscape.

Our domes are 48” wide. Made of clear-cast acrylic, the museum-grade acrylic dome has two bends in the form which make it light yet rigid. It is operated with an included pole and three gas springs providing function to scoop or orient the dome opening as needed. The dome makes the Yurta a very bright space.

Our doors are made of furniture-grade, clear red and white cedar using traditional joinery instead of screws. They’re so beautiful, they’ll make the door on your house jealous.

All elements in our yurts are purpose-built for function and beauty.

We don’t adapt or use commercially available construction hardware. Fit and finish are top of mind with every piece.

Yurta is a breathable tent – condensation from users and extreme humidity fluctuations is allowed to breathe out of the yurt. Yurta uses no bubble-wrap insulation and no vinyl covers. Vinyl and bubble-wrap insulation tend to trap condensation, which promotes mold growth. To learn more about why we think vinyl is evil, see our FAQ.

Yurta 17

Available Models
6’ wall height
10’ peak
7’ wall height
11’ peak
The 17’ Yurta is the essence of minimal footprint and the best expression of what a yurt is meant to be. The frame is fully assembled in our shop and sets up like an umbrella with a single cable and two pins. Two people deploy the Yurta structure by joining the ring, the frame and the door without turning a screw or hammering a nail in about 15 minutes. The remaining installation of felt and covers takes an additional 2-3 hours.

The 17’ frame is “bottomed-out” : It’s as light as we can make a structure that can still withstand snow and wind load extremes. Unlike just about every yurt made in North America today, Yurta is a structural circle - the cone-shaped roof is hard-connected to the lattice wall, which acts as a spring. The hardwood frame’s geometry is uniform and it becomes monolithic during setup. This allows the structure to share load exceptionally well while remaining an extremely minimal footprint. This ingenious traditional design has somehow been ignored by the modern yurt makers.

Minimal but strong, Yurta has survived hurricanes and Arctic extremes! It is still designed to be packed up and moved as needs change. With some forethought, the 17’ Yurta can be fully installed with round floor and deck in less than a day, and moved anytime without ever rebuilding a thing or disturbing the soil. Keeping it light makes this possible.

We have been making the 17 since 2004.

Yurta 21

Available Models
7’ wall height
12’ peak
The 21’ Yurta is necessarily much heftier than the 17’ yurt and is nearly four times heavier. The frame is partially assembled in our shop and is joined into a monolithic whole onsite by a crew of at least two people in about 90 minutes. There are no screws or nails, but some assembly onsite. The remaining installation of covers and felt takes an additional 3-5 hours.

The roof rafters of the 21’ are 2”x5” thick and showcase the stunning beauty of the grain in white ash. The frame slots together into a faithful yurt cone-shaped roof hard mounted to a heavy lattice wall. Although it lacks the flexibility of the 17’ frame, the same load bearing efficiency and the heft of the frame makes it all the stronger.

The 21’ yurt is a much larger scale yurt than the 17’ yurt. The accompanying infrastructure of floor and deck is also much larger, making a 21’ yurt project a significant increase in effort overall. The result is a superb medium-long term shelter suited to more uses, but that still fits into the back of a pickup truck.

Because of the size of the yurt and the intensity in the production of its parts, we only offer the 21’ yurt on a strictly limited basis. It is made to order only since 2016.

Yurta Fit + Finish


Our yurts are fully equipped with all features below.
If we think it’s a good idea for a yurt, all yurts get equipped with it.
Yurta always includes:
Hardwood Frame
White ash is hand machined and oiled to a strength and beauty you won’t find elsewhere. Each piece is individually handled dozens of times before assembly for a finished structure you can own for a lifetime.
Solid Cedar Door
Made of clear cedar (no knots), our door is hand oiled, and equipped with stainless steel locket. Our doors will make your house doors jealous.
Huge Windows
Our windows are multi-function and all season. Nearly 4’x4’, they provide a beautiful view of your surroundings. Every yurt has at least three.
Operable Dome
4’ in diameter, a large operable dome efficiently vents the yurt and gives light. An operating pole is included.
Galvanized rain diverter
Powder-coated and slotted onto the door, it limits the rain runoff at the door and helps direct water away from the walls.
Breathable, maintainable outer covers
Yurta covers are hand-sewn to exceedingly tight tolerances. The finished shell is weatherproof and paintable as it ages. It’s also breathable so moisture always has an opportunity to dry out.
Wind straps
Yurta features a hidden strap system, integrated into your cover that secures the cover to the frame at fourteen points.
Extreme weather anchors
Mounted to the central ring, these anchor points allow you to further secure your yurt in extreme weather.
Floor plans
Plans that allow you to build your own round, structural, insulated floor.
Installation video
An installation video and owner’s manual detail how to install and care for your Yurta.
Email and phone support
Lifetime phone and email support is included.


Yurta is an incredibly adaptable structure that can be customized in a variety of ways. Please contact us if you have a unique use for your Yurta.
Popular options:
Our insulation is exclusive to Yurta, and needled to our specifications of 100% wool felt with a reflective layer. For winter nights when the temperature drops to -30˚C. Read more about the benefits of our unique wool felt below.
Additional windows
Up to four additional windows can be added to Yurta. The resulting panorama is without equal.
Insulated floor
Stained, slotted floor panels that provide a round, insulated floor for your yurt. Non-structural, and intended for installation on an existing deck. For those who don’t want to build their floors.
Chimney outlet
A rigid galvanized cone provides lateral support to a chimney stack through the roof.
Want something even more miminal? Yurta can be outfitted with a zippered-door, in true tent style. Suited best to 3-season use, the zippered door makes for the ultimate “bug-out” shelter.
Yurt parts
We do make certain individual components and raw materials available to the DIY crowd, whom we love so much. If you’d like some of our raw felt or an individual difficult-to-source component like a dome, please contact us.

Floors + Decks


One of the chief advantages a yurt offers is minimal footprint. The needs of any given project needs should determine the approach to floors and decks. In all cases, we encourage you to touch the earth as lightly as possible for your needs. Lightweight structures should not require the ground to be disturbed. We believe that it is best to place this type of structure on a well-anchored, adjustable platform or directly on the ground surface without pouring permanent foundations. Placing a Yurta or platform directly on the surface allows the ground to recover quickly and leave virtually no trace.

Using your Yurta short-term is easy because setup is quick and possible most anywhere, as-is. It can be installed and staked directly to the ground. In these cases, we recommend that users add vapor-barrier/floor liner to limit ground moisture from filling the space daily when using the space for “living” or sleeping. Please note, we do not make a liner for staked-yurt setups.


To be more comfortable year-round, a round insulated floor is recommended for yurts. Yurta’s fabric wall wraps around this round floor to form a near-perfect seal around the floor. This creates a micro-climate for year-round living in most any climate.


Your Yurta includes plans and drawings to build your own round, insulated floor. This floor is structural and does not require a level surface like a deck.


We offer you an optional slotted, insulated floor made of panels that form a 2.5” circle. The panels are stained and made of birch plywood for an even light honey colour with minimal grain. This floor is not structural and requiring a level deck to sit on. Though it is ready to handle traffic, it is intended as a subfloor for finished flooring such a rugs, mats or most any finish needed.


You may setup your round floor on your deck for many reasons. A deck is a practical addition to your yurt project because it provides a level surface from which to fully access your shelter for maximum use and care. In this case, any deck is suitable, as long as it is at least one foot bigger than the yurt you install.

We offer a floating deck kit with necessary hardware and plans. Called the Octopad, it is a free-standing, portable and self-levelling deck that is designed to sit directly on the soil. It requires no poured or dug foundations and no site preparation such as levelling. Once you build eight triangular modules, they install or dismantle in about 2 hours with a proprietary bracket mount and screw jacks. This allows each module to be individually levelled on uneven terrain during setup, and later if soil should heave or give in any location.


It's in the Details

Our Materials
We use only materials that are natural or non-toxic. Where we use synthetic materials, we make no compromises for toxicity or performance.

We chose the very best and continually refine our manufacturing to offer what we believe the very best design, made with the very best materials, by the very best human hands in our industry today.
We have chosen to completely avoid standard fabrics like vinyl (PVC), and bubble-wrap insulation in our yurts. First and foremost, vinyl is a toxic material that is harmful to all living things - read more about its manufacture, use and disposal.

Just as importantly, vinyl and bubble-wrap are not breathable! They trap condensation and create a haven for mold. Breathable fabrics do the work of exchanging air and regulating moisture in a tent.

Skilled hands and expertise make a weather-tight cover using an exacting process - a craft that takes about a year to fully learn.

We are proud that every part of our yurt is sourced locally and every Yurta represents dozens of jobs through the province.

All of the skilled trades and businesses we work with are local and long-term suppliers who understand the importance of everything they do.
We use the very best in lightweight insulation.

Made exclusively for us, our insulation combines the thermal properties of 100% real wool with the radiant capacity of a reflective layer. This means that radiant heat is reflected into the yurt during the cold winter months, and reflected out of the yurt during the summer.

Breathable, natural and non-toxic, real wool felt is the ultimate way to finish a yurt.

Wool Felt Insulation is:
No petroleum-based products like those used in plastics, synthetic fibres and fabrics. Also, no chemicals or resin-coatings make it a healthy way to finish a living space.
Wool's ignition index is 1112º F and fire extinguishes itself on contact, which is why firefighters and racecar drivers wear it. It is fire resistant without needing chemicals.
Wool readily absorbs and gives off moisture. Wool can absorb almost 1/3 of its weight in moisture yet also evaporate it easily.
Temperature controlled
Cool in warm weather and warm in cool weather, its fibres form pockets of air that provide natural insulation.
Annually renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. It’s also animal friendly. No animals are killed for wool; they’re sheared once a year.
the Love
Making the yurt the way we do requires human hands at every step.

The covers and woodwork we do in our own shop is done from scratch to exacting standards in an environment where the work is deathly serious - but none of the people are.

Machines demand compromises that craft workers do not have to make. This human touch is what allows us to do what we do.

The secret ingredient is the love. We think you’ll see it when you stand in yours.


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